The future of marketing

This guide looks towards the future and shines a light on the marketing fundamentals that are shaping the digital industry and you need to get right. Learn how to use these anti-trends to craft - and recraft - your marketing strategy for 2024 and beyond.

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The future of marketing

What do you see when you think about the future? 

Like many other marketers, we too were brainstorming topics that mark the end of another remarkable year. The usual year-end content often consists of trend research and trend identification. The challenge with trends is that they come and go. What’s trending right now, might not be trending tomorrow. You don’t know what will stick. 

And just because something’s new doesn’t mean it’s better or something worth pursuing. Instead of out with the old, in with the new, we need to have the wisdom to stand back, zoom out, and reflect too. That’s why this is not a trend guide.

In this guide we’ll look towards the future and shine a light on the marketing fundamentals that are shaping the digital industry and you need to get right. The anti-trends that might not be hot and happening, but are too important not to discuss.  

Our experts have assembled insights on the four key areas: brand, customer experience (CX), data, and tech that we believe need to be at the very core of your game plan. It’s where and how you can make the biggest impact to truly differentiate your brand and accelerate growth. 

In 2024 it’s time to write your own rules, push boundaries, and resist the pressure to conform. Let’s focus on getting the most out of what you’ve already got. So sit back, enjoy the read, and let these anti-trends guide you.
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  • How to craft your marketing strategy for 2024 and beyond
  • Why it’s crucial to adopt a brand-led marketing strategy 
  • What the building blocks of a successful CX are 
  • How unifying data and creativity can help your brand grow twice as fast 
  • The importance of creative technology in creating engaging digital experiences 
  • How to rediscover the lost art of creative thinking 

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