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Why creativity is what your customer experience has been missing

Written by Pim van Helten on 21, Juth 2020

It’s an understatement to say that marketers have become obsessed with technology. It’s easy to see why.

For several years, industry experts and thought leaders have been touting the importance of investing in technology to develop the customer experience (CX). When you look around, everywhere you see people on their phones, laptops or iPads, trying to stay connected to one another. 

Technology has become the star of the show, but at what cost? 

We ended up neglecting creativity in exchange for following technology trends. The result? A stagnant and homogenized CX and a sea of digital sameness, in which customers can’t differentiate one brand experience from another. 

This is where creativity and technology need to be combined for a transformative sweet spot. Now, however, the balance is out of whack. Because, in our opinion, it’s not a question of one or the other, you need both to create a CX that differentiates your brand and exceeds customer expectations. 

But how? 

At DPDK we see CX architecture as the only way to truly differentiate your brand. Wait. An experience what? CX architecture is a combination of your unique brand identity, innovative products and engaging content. Which should be brought to life with tailored strategies and custom code. 

A CX architecture that is based on a templated framework, standardized software package and a basic understanding of customer needs can not and will not support your brand promise. At best it will give you a mediocre experience that just functions. Which is exactly the problem, it just works.

The basics of marketing have not changed. We’re still trying to understand our customers and build closer relationships. You know that investing in technology helps you reach more customers, but what do you do once you have someone’s attention? Combining both and investing in creativity helps to create a lasting brand impression, attract more potential customers and retain a loyal customer base.

Creating a customer experience strategy that will distinguish you from competitors takes more than functionality. Customers don’t want a site that just works, they want to feel a connection with your brand. It’s not a question about creativity or technology. It’s about moving to an ‘and’ mindset - a balance between both. Now is the time to differentiate your brand with tech-enabled customer experiences powered by emotional creativity.

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