Cloud and DevOps infrastructure

We are not only creating exceptional digital products, like tailored web applications and corporate CMS websites. But we also provide the hosting solution and the maintenance. This way you don’t have to worry about these matters and have everything in one place.

Better, faster, stronger

When developing a CMS, platform or campaign there’s usually one important target and that is the ‘Go-live’. Delivering a professional DevOps department and a proven Cloud hosting solution, we can help you to bring your end result to life. The benefits of using DevOps with cloud projects include:

  • Application development speed-to-delivery to meet the needs of the business units faster
  • User demands that quickly fold back into the software
  • Lower costs for development, testing, deployment, and operations

Efficiently meeting your needs

Our DPDK approach is all about the following:

  • Connecting with developers to configure their local environments to work as efficient as possible on your project
  • Google Cloud hosting setup and maintenance of software installed on these servers and choose on the fitting setup based on your budget and requirements regarding f.e. up-time and scalability
  • Configure the different environment in the cloud (DTAP)
  • Configuring DNS & SSL certificates
  • Implement the right build & deploy tools to bring developed work to the right environments
  • Be a partner to your IT department to discuss on every connection that is needed (VPN, SSH, SSO, etc)
Bill Marks
Chief Technology Officer

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