DPDK is a digital agency with offices in Europe and the USA. At DPDK, people from different disciplines, backgrounds and nationalities work together with clients and suppliers from over the world. We design experiences for everyone and are aware that there are differences in diversity and inclusivity everywhere, especially the creative industry.

We aspire to be a more diverse and inclusive company than we are today. We are currently assessing what we have done so far to promote diversity, in order to understand the obstacles we need to overcome to build an inclusive organization.  

We realize that this process takes time and is a long-term commitment. That’s why we defined six key areas for us to focus on: people, culture, education, design, talent and community.


  • An annual diversity report will be released that shares DPDK’s gender, ethnicity and age data as well as our progress and learnings over the past year. 
  • We aim to increase diversity across the whole organization and seek to offer equal opportunities for all employees, with a specific focus on the management team, design and technology departments.
  • Creating an organization where everyone feels valued and appreciated is important to us, this includes equal pay. We will therefore review the gender pay gap before the end of 2020 and share the results. 
  • An objective performance evaluation system is fundamental for offering equal opportunities. A 360-degree feedback loop will be introduced to avoid subjectivity as much as possible. 



  • A company-wide survey was created and shared to assess the experience of our employees regarding equality and diversity in DPDK. This data provided input for our commitments to becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization. This new survey, that will be repeated biannually, allows us to hear from employees directly about what’s working and what’s not. 
  • The company culture book will be updated as we will redefine what it means to be a DPDK’er. Our company values and beliefs will be reviewed and photography renewed to be more inclusive. 
  • Open communication about equality and diversity within DPDK will be encouraged by making use of different communication channels to share data, results and ideas to increase diversity.   
  • Before the end of 2020, a dedicated diversity committee made up of Black and non-black people of color (NBPOC) employees will be formed. This committee is responsible for driving diversity and inclusion initiatives across the company. They will also work together with the event & culture committee to enrich and diversify our events and activities.  



  • DPDK’ers of all levels will get access to the knowledge and skills required to become a global citizen. Becoming a global citizen will give DPDK’ers the capacity to examine local, global and intercultural issues, to understand and appreciate the perspectives and worldviews of others and to engage in open, appropriate interactions with people from different cultures.  
  • A curriculum focused on diversity and inclusivity will be released in our DPDK Academy before the end of 2020. The curriculum will be freely accessible for everyone within the company. Inclusion training is part of the modules and compulsory for all managers and new employees. Same goes for unconscious bias training, which will be mandatory for HR and our leadership team. 


  • We will take a critical look at how we can improve the design process within DPDK with help of our colleagues and the diversity committee. 
  • The knowledge that we gain from our improved way of working will be shared actively on our blog, with our clients, and at events and schools we speak at.  
  • We have started with reviewing DPDK’s brand design system, as we recognized that there were improvements that could be made. Our illustrations, for example, are more inclusive now and more updates will follow. 
  • Together with our clients we will review how we can improve the diversity and inclusiveness of the digital content we release with each other.  



  • We aim to increase diversity across the whole organization by attracting, hiring and retaining Black people and NBPOC, with a specific focus on the management team, design and technology departments.
  • Together with our HR department, we will actively look for improvements in our interview and selection processes, to ensure fairness as much as possible. As well as lowering barriers for Black and NBPOC to enter the creative industry.  



  • DPDK will actively support movements that are advocating for diversity in the digital industry, such as 600 & Rising.
  • We will join forces with SoDa by supporting their EDI initiative and appointing a DPDK representative that will help reinforce this initiative. 
  • One project per calendar year will be selected to work on a pro bono basis in order to support black business owners. 

Building a diverse and inclusive organization is a journey, not a destination. It’s never done, that’s why this page is a work-in-progress just like we are and will be continually updated.