Beware of scams taking place on WhatsApp under DPDK’s name and logo

Written by Lisette Valk on 1, Noth 2023

We’ve recently become aware of a WhatApp scam where fraudsters are exploiting our agency's reputation by using DPDK’s name and logo. We feel compelled to address this issue head-on and clear up any uncertainties that may arise. 

It’s disheartening to see these fraudulent activities taking place under our name. To underscore the severity of such activities, recent statistics indicate a significant rise in WhatsApp scams globally, making it imperative for everyone to be vigilant.

We’d like to reassure our valued clients and anyone who puts their trust in our name that these fraudulent activities have absolutely no affiliation in any manner with DPDK. While we empathize with the individuals who unfortunately have fallen victim to these scams, we want to emphasize that we bear no responsibility for any consequences resulting from these actions. 

At DPDK, we place the highest importance on upholding the integrity and trustworthiness associated with our brand name. Our name is a valuable asset that our clients rely on to recognize and trust our services. This fraudulent behavior not only violates the core principles and values we hold dear but also undermines the trust they have placed in our name. We refuse to compromise on our integrity and will take every necessary step to ensure that our brand name remains synonymous with authenticity and trustworthiness.

Below you’ll find screenshots showing how scammers approach individuals in the name of DPDK. We are sharing these to bring attention to this scam and to keep you informed on the strategies scammers are using. Among others, this is just one example. The scammers invite individuals to a group chat called “DPDK DIGITAL DISCUSS GROUP 866” and approach individuals directly and pretend to be an employee from DPDK. In exchange for BitCoin or other cryptocurrencies, the scammers demand individuals to click on links to follow YouTube channels or leave reviews on businesses on Google Maps. The messages come from numerous, usually burner, phone numbers.  

Tips to avoid falling for scams 

While it's not possible to entirely eliminate scammers' attempts to contact individuals, remaining vigilant and questioning suspicious activities can help protect one from falling for these scams. Here are some tips:

1. Verify the message

Always confirm the authenticity of a message by directly contacting the actual sender, whether it's from a brand or someone you know personally. 

2. Exercise caution with requesting or offering money

If someone offers or requests money, exercise caution and refrain from sharing any sensitive information. High-pressure tactics and urgent demands often indicate a scam.

3. Avoid clicking suspicious links

Refrain from clicking on any links in messages, as they may serve as a gateway for scammers to access sensitive information, including your banking details.

4. Guard your personal information

Avoid sharing personal information that could be used against you or stolen. This can include your home address, banking details, citizen number, and more. 

5. Keep your app and device updated

Regularly update your device and the WhatsApp app. Companies continually implement security measures to prevent scams, and staying up-to-date can help reduce the likelihood of scammers reaching out to you.

6. Report and block scammers

If you encounter a scammer on WhatsApp, report and block them to prevent future scams for yourself and others.

If you happen to come across any such suspicious communication involving our brand name that seems questionable, I strongly advise you not to respond. Instead, I encourage you to reach out to me at

Lisette Valk
Head of HR

Lisette Valk

Head of HR

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