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From offices in Rotterdam, San Francisco, and New York we create exceptional digitalism for a wide range of international clients. From our award-winning work for Nike to the disruptive brand conversion we did for FWU, we work hard with the smartest talent we can find. If you think you are up for dealing with clients demanding nothing but the best, and a great team of people that want to deliver nothing but that, drop us a line. And we’ll get back to you very soon.

We are fun to work with, and then some.

The perks

Working at DPDK pays your rent, no doubt. But you wouldn't consider applying for a job with us if you weren't driven by a lot more besides money and material. Your intrinsic motivation comes from passion and talent and drive. From doing what you love, with people you respect, to learn and grow together. Here is what we do to keep that motivation refreshed:

  • Friday drinks
  • Hackatons
  • Events
  • Location
  • International
  • Family culture
  • Pension
  • Travel expenses
  • Pay
  • Lunch

Bespoke talent and career development

We like you to be new every day. And we have a few ideas on how to help you develop your talent and grow your career in the direction you want it to grow. From learning a language to a bespoke development program, we have your back.

  • Talent development
  • Conferences
  • Dutch class

Work hard / Play hard

We make things we love, hoping the world loves the things we make. Come join a team that cherishes great work just as much as drinking beer together. Together we win, together we drink. All good.

  • Award winning team
  • Teamwork
  • Personal growth

Besa Kabashi

HR manager

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