The quick solution for water issues

How do you provide clients with a quick and direct service when running into water supply issues? By creating a platform that can pinpoint the client’s exact location and inform them on the situation.

Wanting to improve their customer service, Vitens & Oasen approached us to develop and build a platform that could provide that service to their clients. unites the services of both companies and offers clients insight into possible water system failures at the click of a button.
The Service.
The red dots on the map indicate where malfunctions can be found, each dot describing exactly what the malfunction is, how long they suspect it to last and which area is affected. Just as easily, the green checks indicate if a malfunction has been solved. Pop ups keep the visitors informed on what’s going on with water system failures throughout Holland.
Stay updated on the process of a malfunction in the affected area at all times. Through mail or text message clients automatically receive notifications each time a malfunction is altered or solved.
Can’t find a malfunction in your neighbourhood on the map? offers clients the possibility to report water system failures and get in touch with the helpdesk.