Play the inpakkers game and win a ski trip on the house

How do you get people to pack up and go with one of Sunweb’s inpakkers trips? Create a Facebook campaign that oozes winter holiday fun, throw in a familiar addictive arcade game and add Sunweb’s main characters Herman and Marina. You’ve got yourself a package deal.

Pack-up & Go.

Pack up & lets go is the aim of the campaign! Oozing winter holiday fun with snowy elements and awesome Jodelaheehee background music, the game puts you in the mood for a winter holiday with a smile on your face.

Getting in the mood.

The game plays into the anticipation of travelling and going on a holiday. Herman and Marina have pulled out their red suitcase and are ready to get packing. What will they need on their holiday? Boots, a helmet, goggles and a snowboard? Make sure you put it all in the suitcase!


The campaign invites followers on Facebook to help the duo out by packing. Use your arrow keys to guide the objects coming down, fitting as much things as possible into the red suitcase.