Educating Dutch youth in sex, love & relationships

When teens go online to discover everything about sex, where do they go? We redesigned & rebuilt the biggest Dutch sex & love resource for teens.


In a year, over 4 million teens visit The most popular part of the platform is where 3D dummies of a boy and girl can be undressed and all their erogenous zones can be discovered. Thanks to our development in WebGL 3D, teens can find out every secret about their body on a smart phone. A world’s first. To do this, a custom workflow was created from 3D software to web.

Redesign (2.0). has thousands of pieces of information ready to be discovered. Since teens aren’t keen on reading long pieces, we created a design system based on handing small pieces of information at a time, in a modular grid and a colourful style.’s Wide Target Audience.

Sense has a vast target audience, ranging from 12 to 25 years and from every conceiveable ethnic background. To tailor all these specific groups, information is provided based on your ’sexual career’. Teens can check in at their own level and discover what’s next.

Effective test strategy.

To captivate teens, you have to listen to their needs. That’s why we did pre-tests, usability tests and interviews all throughout the development of the platform, and adapted our product to their wishes and expectations.

UX strategy based on ‘discovery’.

Sex and love our there to discover. Our UX experienced is designed accordingly. Every page has both information and inspiration to discover: related content, personal stories from peers, discussions, tips and polls. Throughout the whole website the different ways in which you can approach Sense for professional help are available.

Honours & mentions