A web experience that makes you thirsty

Vrumona asked us to introduce Russell & Co; a premium new mixer with a rich Dutch heritage. To kick-start your inspiration, we let you mix before you drink.

Product range

Russell & Co. is a contemporary premium brand for the distinguished. With this new collection, Russell & Co. honours its origin and offers a range of elegant soft drinks inspired by the authentic flavors of the past. Rich, distinguished, original.

The heritage

The history of Russell & Co. Begins in 1887, when Josiah Russell, a soft drinks manufacturer from London, started a small factory in the heart of Rotterdam. The company expands rapidly and more than 125 years later, Vrumona pays tribute to one of it’s oldest predecessors.

The website

We designed and developed a sleek looking, animated website to introduce the three new flavours, and takes you from heritage to places to enjoy. Every detail is designed and built to make you as thirsty as possible.

Create your own cocktail

Russell’s combinations with intense botanicals, natural quinine and bigger bubbles make the perfect mix of ingredients for your highball cocktail. So start mixing.

Honours & mentions