Designing a visionary eHealth startup from A to Z


Brand design

How to create a brand that sends out luxury but also has a reliable medical character. We were challenged to combine these two within the logo, colour palette, patterns, typography, a DNA kit and the website. A lot of different elements with the same PURE Genetic Lifestyle look-and-feel.

Logo concepting
Pattern Pattern Pattern Pattern
Book Book

Your most personal report ever

You may not be an expert, but PURE Genetic Lifestyle is. They will convert all your DNA data into understandable text and tips. You can find your guidelines in a luxurious and personalised book. This book entails all your key results and action points, and provides, tips and advice that will kickstart your improved lifestyle.

Kit Kit

Personal online environment

As an addition to the personal book, your extended data can be found online. Login to your personal online environment called MyPURE, then easily navigate between chapters to get a clear view of all your data. Get insight in the effect on your helath of more than 2000 food products thanks to the foodlist. All your information is stored in this private and secure environment.


A complete chain of intelligence

We set up the whole automated chain of events & flows, involving mulitple third parties to enable payments, printing, fulfillment and delivery. Ensuring that your order is being processed as fast and secure as possible.


Automated and secure

Generating a book full of personal data isn't as easy as pie. First we collect the DNA samples, the laboratory will analyse and return the dna data via an automated and secure environment. From this data we create your personalised book and insights, these insights will be added to your MyPure account.