Take a virtual testdrive in the Peugeot VR app


For Peugeot, we created a mobile app where you can experience their different models by experiencing a virtual testdrive on your smartphone.

VR Testdrive

Got a cardboard? Go VR! Don’t have one yet? Experience the Peugeot in 360 video. Added interactivity in the videos let you discover more within the film. Pro tip: there is a way to order a cardboard from inside the app...

Discover the range

You can testdrive multiple Peugeot models. Launching with 3 models at first, we will be releasing new models and VR films in the near future.

Specs, specs, specs

Read all about the strong points of your selected model in the details section. From Engine to efficiency, it's all there thanks to intuitive navigation.

Spring into action

Convinced by what you experienced? Book a physical test drive for the 'metal touch' experience. Maybe your firends or family would be interested too, share the joy.