Building a HTML multi device race game.
How do you build a race car game that involves and
engages Peugeot fans and promotes the qualities of the new RCZ-R, Peugeots fastest car to date? Create a campaign that gives Peugeot drivers and fans the chance to win a test drive with the new RCZ-R on the Nürburgring circuit.
The Challenge.
To win an actual race around the track, players have to beat Peugeot’s own professional race driver, Kevin Abbring, on the virtual Nürburgring GP track. Players with the fastest time win a whole weekend of racing and VIP treatment including a lap around the track in the RCZ-R.
Showcasing the artwork.

Starting with nothing more than a model of the car, we created a complete race track setting, giving the game its ‘need for speed’ look. By adding on details and giving the car a feeling of motion, you can really get a sense of the car’s power and pure awesomeness.

The Track.
The track in the game is a hand drawn copy of the Nürburgring GP circuit. With the use of Google maps the track has carefully been traced, giving players a true experience of this infamous German track.
Next step: dressing the track. To complete the ultimate drivers’ experience, we added dozens of handmade elements to create a highly detailed track.
To keep the game as fast as the car, the track has been divided into 96 separate sections. This allows the game to only load the necessary track segments, ensuring a super-fast flow while the game is being played.
The video.

To get the motor running, the game starts off with a video. With frame by frame masking we really worked on getting that campaign look in the video. Full colour images have been transformed into an exciting black, white and red coloured intro.

The race.
These days, a game has to be accessible for all devices, even when it’s in a website. For desktop it was easy, just use the arrows on your keyboard to steer the car. The challenge lies in the mobile version: how do you have a car race around the track in HTML? As a world’s first, the game has an integrated gyroscopic steering technology. This allows players to tilt their mobile or tablet to steer the car in the right direction. Pedal to metal man!

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