The first interactive race film ever

The hot & all new Peugeot 308GTi is packed with 270bhp at the touch of a button. Reason for us to release it on a track and let you do the driving.


First, we tested our idea in theory. We built a 3D track and put a car in there with virtual cameras. Next was a real-life test. We mounted a small hand-built rig with multiple cameras on a car and drove through the streets. This proved that our concept would technically work.

The line is drawn in WebGL and is manually precisioned over the course of more than 500 frames. Ensuring that the line is in the right perspective and distance relative to your position. It follows the perfect line of the track and it gives you insights of how to steer.


The design had to be in line with Peugeots 308 GTi commercial, called 'Push the Limits'. So we applied the same fonts and colours, and created a custom style around that for Chase the Line.

Honours & mentions