Helping others to spread the message

Partnerwaarschuwing gives patients the opportunity to discretely warn their sexual partners of the possibility of an STD or HIV infection through text message and mail.

Take responsibility.
What do you do when a STD test result comes back as positive? Partnerwaarschuwing offers patients the possibility to inform their (ex-) sexual partners. With a code received from a local GGD, patients can login and alert (ex-) sexual partners.
Anonymous alert.
Warnings can be sent through e-mail or text message, either with sender or anonymous. A unique code is sent along to the (ex) sexual partners with which they can login on any device.
Personal advice.
The code offers access to a personal page offering information about the warning, the STD and the possibility to directly make an appointment with a STD clinic closest to you.
Inform yourself & others.
To answer all of the questions you might have, detailed information about all STD's is available on the website. Either read STD files, watch videos or read about the why & how of alerting your sexual partners.