The ultimate fan App

How do you give fans the opportunity to get closer to their heroes? By creating an app that combines all of their social streams into one feed, making sure fans never miss a beat again.

Every social channel combined.

Nick & Simon are a tremendously popular Dutch singer- songwriter duo and have the biggest social following of all Dutch artists. To stay up to date we created a feed that gathers all social media channels into one feed, showing content from both Nick & Simon and their fans.

Indepth features.

To provide fans with an even more intense experience, the app offers a whole set of extra features such as the complete discography, tour dates, and exclusive Nick & Simon comics.

VIP section.

For true fans, the app also boasts the VIP section. VIP fans can get access to behind the scene photographs, musical sneak peeks and interviews. They receive first notice of exclusive deals and give aways and get to listen to new music before anybody else.

In-app purchases.

Besides functioning as a social event, the app also gives fans to really dive into the music. At the touch of a hand fans can search for, listen to and buy all of Nick & Simon’s produced albums. With the ease of having everything in one place, its only more than logical that fans can buy their concert tickets through the app too.

Launch on national television.

To gain attention for the app’s introduction, the latest Nick & Simon album was launched exclusively within the app. Reason enough to be picked up by Holland’s largest entertainment TV show for an interview with the duo, boosting downloads straight away.