Creating the portfolio website that bleeds video

How do you present the huge amount of work produced by five different MassiveMusic offices from around the globe in one website? By creating a portfolio that combines the best tunes with the best commercial videos, letting visitors sit back, relax and take a look around.

MassiveMusic is the number one music agency in the business, so the challenge lies in portraying the vast amount of work from five different offices in a stunning way. With the use of playlists, we can present the work from each office in such a way that it feels like you’re watching and listening to an awesome music video app.
Localised content.
Upon entering the website, the visitor will automatically be shown work from the office closest to their location. Through the playlists visitors can choose to view videos from any location and any service. Just let the music play and tune into their best videos and sounds, or select a specific list based on the office location and local expertise.
Fullscreen experience.
To maximise the viewing experience, the music video player boasts a full screen function along with a pop up showing the visitor which video is up next. The layered design creates a beautiful flow between the different elements. From playlist to service to case study, the beat remains undisturbed.
Friendly CMS.
Browse through the case studies to discover how MassiveMusic works and what the thought process behind each project is. Case studies can easily be put together in the user friendly CMS.
LIVE music.
Music wouldn’t be music without the live experience. Receive notifications on new music from your local MassiveMusic crew and get inspired by the live page, boasting the complete collection of social media.

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