The national platform about sex and health for gay & bisexual men

For the Soa Aids Foundation we created the brand new Man tot Man website: the national platform about sex and health for gay & bisexual men.

Presenting information in a new & simple way.
On the new Man tot Man you can find more information than ever. We created a new structure combining a megamenu, different levels of landingpages and intricate detailpages.
What are you looking for?
The three main choices on the homepage make the first step in finding information easy. If you have a specific question, go ahead and fill it in. The smart search helps you along before you’re done typing.
Read experiences from peers.
The information on the website is not only written by editors, but also by peers. Read their experiences and find out how they dealt with a specific issue.
When did you last take a test?
All pages contain smart triggers toward tests and advice. In the CMS editors can easily select the tests that are relevant to the information on the page.
Superfast and flawless.
We custom built a very easy to use and flexible CMS using Drupal and combined it with Phalcon on the frontend side, creating a superfast running platform on any device.