The primary digital source of information for Dutch pharmacists

Offering 100,000’s of resources, the KNMP Kennisbank is the primary knowledge center for Dutch pharmacists. How will you be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in no time? By keeping complex things simple.

Less is more.

When the focus of UX lies on content, strip away as much as you can. That’s why we designed a very functional interface based on the color codes of Encyclopedias, each color representing a different area of pharmacy expertise.

UI based on routines.

Users vary from digital natives to the digitally illiterate, so we thoroughly researched UI’s from Google, Dropbox & Wikipedia in terms of layout, behaviour and animation. Incorporating all the best practices we designed a new interface that suits everybody.

multiple search strategies.

A big search field combined with a super fast search provides you with relevant suggestions even before you’re done typing. Already know where to find it? Then go straight to domains of expertise or open the shortcuts menu to explore the most popular searches.

Service design.

Pharmacists are specialists with specific wishes and needs in regards to their resources. That’s why we designed the Kennisbank’s core resource pages according to their way of work.

Fast, safe & flexible.

On average, pharmacists use the Kennisbank 12 times a day. Working with sensitive information so many times requires a safe and reliable environment. That’s why use different technical layers that communicate seamlessly with each other. Of course the Kennisbank is available on every device so pharmacists always have access.