Battle it out!

LaComunidad approached us to develop a multiplayer adver-game, that incorporates a chat function, for music channel TMF. The goal of the design? Bring the TMF Kabuki’s to life.

Meet the Kabuki's.
The Kabuki characters are the mascottes of TMF. To bring them to life, we developed a game that links mobile and TV to the digital space. The game starts by logging in with a code received through text message. Get ready for a true Japanese battle. Hay!
Each character has its own series of attacks, aimed for different parts of the body. The attack series consists of a low, a medium and a high attack. Attack mechanisms vary from skateboards, paintball guns, extra-large hammers and even an extraordinarily loud sound system.
Call & Attack.
Be aware and choose your attack mechanism or defense wisely, for the opponent might have some tricks up his sleeve.
Players can check out and chat to other Kabuki fighters in the lobby. Its also the place for fighters to challenge each other to a duel. The best of three games wins the match, scoring more points and receiving a higher place in the chart board.
Each attack is hand crafted frame by frame in flash. By drawing the object into blank keyframes and changing the placement of the object in each drawing, the notion of movement is created.

Honours & mentions