Building an iOS game from scratch

How do you create a fun and addictive game for mobile from scratch? By doing your research and reading up on current gaming trends. This resulted in a lightning fast arcade game that challenges the existing market and games like Candy Crush.

The Challenge.

The game starts with a challenge: collect as many jewels as possible in one game. Our main character Jackie loves jewels and the more you collect for her, the more rewards you will receive. With the challenge sorted, the designing process could begin.

Designing Jackie.

It all started with designing our main character Jackie in 3D. An inviting and friendly little spitfire who guides and challenges the player throughout the game. A logo followed that compliments the game’s “sparkly” nature. Finally the playing field and jewels were designed.

The Gameplay.

Achieve a higher score by swiping multiple jewels in a row and creating chains. Points are granted in the form of diamonds and hearts a.k.a. credits and lives. To really fuel the game, use power ups which can be bought in the power up shop with diamonds. Power ups help the player gain more points in a game which results in more diamonds and hearts.

1 on 1 mode.

All out of diamonds and hearts? Not to worry, these can also be bought in the store to continue playing. To earn free diamonds, invite friends on Facebook to play along. This also gives players the possibility to battle it out against friends either in a global leaderboard or in a 1 on 1 gameplay.

Brag & Poke.

Players can show off their latest highscores with video brags and pokes, challenging friends to jump into the game and beat them. Each sent brag or poke also earns the player more diamonds.


Sharing is caring as the saying goes. By giving away hearts, players can help out another player and get a free pass at them returning the favour. And Jackie likes to help out her jewels scouts as well. Every now and then she’ll hand out some free diamonds, tempting her players to return and continue playing the game.