An informative microsite about sustainability and the most famous beer in the world.


Heineken the Netherlands has always been a frontrunner in responsible production of their beers for years and asked us to present their efforts and results. We created an interactive article showcasing Heineken’s pursuit to continuous sustainability improvement and climate neutrality, that is both informative and engaging.

Duurzame Teelt
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The all-in video table of contents was designed to encourage visitors to read further. Allowing them to select any topic that calls their attention.

While absorbing all this new information, the visual content invites the visitors to go further into the process. Using an infographic, we keep reading to a minimum, illustrating how the prime barley is utilized and recycled.

To illustrate sustainable brewing, we explore all stages of the brewing process through text and images. While the micro animations and other triggers show the visitor where they are in the story.


We designed for mobile first, considering that the visitor may choose to use the menu while still scrolling through the page. Implemented are CSS based parallax effect as well as a progress bar to guide the reader's position on the page.