Homage to a beer legend

A campaign developed in collaboration with MEC, that promotes the Grolsch Radler beer as well as the story behind the legend, Franz Kugler.

Somewhere around 1922, the legendary Franz Kugler of Kugler Alm, invented the Radler beer. To pay their deepest respect to this all-round awesome guy, Grolsch once again brewed the Radler beer according to the original recipe. Hold on to your bicycles, this summer favorite is back!
A history lesson.
Back in the 1920's bicycles were on the rise in Germany and becoming a much preferred form of transport. Pub owner Franz Kugler decided it would be good for business to create a bike trail straight through the woods to his pub. Within no time the route and his pub became so hugely populair, that Franz almost ran out of beer to serve. The solution: a dash of fruit juice in every beer makes the stock last longer and creates a wonderful drink. Thus the Radler was born.
The route.
To celebrate the existence of this wonderful beverage the route up to Kugler Alm has been recreated as a game. The route starts in Enschede and takes cyclists op to the promised lands. There are, however, a couple of questions that need to be answered to prove you are Radler worthy.
The quiz.
Along the way, cyclists get questions about the Radler beer and its historic past. The more questions answered correctly, the further up the path you go. Each stop holds some exclusive bicycle prizes, including a special edition Veloretti Grolsch Radler bike. The last man standing wins the grand prize.
Two ways to play.
Cyclists can enter the competition in two ways: by going straight to the game or by entering a unique code on the campaign site. With each Grolsch Radler beer bought in supermarkets or establishments a unique code is handed out which directly shows if it's the winning code.
Connect to Facebook to find out what you've won. Has all that racing made you thirsty? Invite your friends to have a go at the game (or to go have a beer).

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