Introducing an innovative fintech

Franx is a fintech startup in global currency trading. They are a new player, yet an intiative by a renowned Dutch bank. And as a new player on a heavily battled market, they needed an appearance and website that presents them in just the right fashion; with a mix of startup flair and experienced bank.


We let ourselves be inspired be the number one proposition Franx offers: one account for all your incoming and outgoing currencies. Which virtually means they offer 'shapeshifting' of your money from one currency to the other.


Starting with the symbols international currencies, we created a design system consisting of rounded shapes that can shift from one contour to the next just as the currencies. So when you look at the final animated logo - a must for every modern brand - you understand what those shifting shapes resemble; all currencies can live in one place: Franx


Another important element in our design system is the diagonal line: we used this throughout the style and website as a divider between content and image for example. The diagonal itself comes from the letter X; this is short for the word exchange in financial terms. The diagonal breaks up the traditional square grid, adding to that startup vibe through design.



To develop the website and it's content, we assisted Franx in photography as well as video. We even created a soundtrack for them and guided the production of copy.
And since there is a lot to explain, we added a completely custom icon set to the brand's style.

Brand photography

Office photography


The website itself is a combination of brand presentation and portfolio. Because in the end, it's not about image, but about how well we help to explain all the different USP's of the Franx platform. So we made an easy to use UX and design that works seamlessly on any device.


We created a one pager, making it possible to see the different transitions better. As well as a multilingual website, servicing not only the Dutch but other international visitors as well.