Blink for a second and it's gone

How do you promote the fastest folding bike in the world? By creating a game that can be over in a second!

The Hook.
Sports retailer brand Decathlon asked us to come up with an idea for the launch of the B’twin Tilt folding bike. Wanting to gain more engagement with their 119.00 followers on Facebook, a game was developed that incorporates the bike’s most impressive feature: the ability to fold in 1 second.
With only 1 second on the clock, the player has to choose between 2 images: one showing a Tilt bike, the one showing something else. We provided 2500 different combinations that are randomly presented, it's up to you to keep making the right choices. Click as fast as you can to get the highest score and win a Tilt bike.
Discovering the bikes.
Since the campaign was about the Tilt bike, outside of the game there are different models to be discovered in detail by focusing on their tech specs.
Facebook Frenzy.
Being incorporated on the Decathlon facebook page, the game created a fierce competition amongst fans on Facebook, with the game being played and shared a lot. In the end the campaign created awareness for the product, drove traffic towards the site and expanded the online Decathlon community. The overall winner made the rigtht choices for over 1 hour and 10 minutes. That's more than 4200 clicks.