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How do you create a leading medicine website that’s worthy of your trust and gives you all the medicine information you need without getting lost?

Developed with users.
When it comes to health, everybody has specific needs and wants. To strenghten our initial concept for, we tested user experience, design and usability. Leading to better UX and a new definition of medical design.
Searching is finding.
Different themed pages give you different smart search results that include relevance and suggestions. Searching also includes all pharmacies and their services.
Less is more.
With complete information about nearly every medicine, ailment and disease available, there’s more than enough reason to help users find exactly and only that what they are looking for.
That’s why we designed every page to minimize information overload.
Knowledge & trust.
In online medical advice, trust is key. That’s why we show pharmacists and signature on a top position on every detailpage. On supporting pages, more knowledge is collected around topics or themes.
Fast & easy.
All that information is worthless if you can’t get to it fast and on every device.
That’s why we combined a Drupal backend with a responsive Phalcon front-end framework and a supe rfast custom SOLR search engine. Additionally, tools and services help you in your next steps to become healthy.

Honours & mentions