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Reimagining the digital presence of a leader in cold storage


Solidify NewCold's brand positioning as a leading company in cold storage by refreshing their visual identity and building a new website that aligns with it, showcases their wide range of capabilities and highlights their core values. NewCold wants to grow into a recognizable market leader and build a brand identity that reflects their ambition to become the world's most customer-centric, advanced, fully integrated automation and supply chain company. 


A rejuvenated brand identity and brand guide including a fresh new logo and other visual assets that help set them apart from the competition. The revamped brand is supported by a new ultra-modern, customer-centric website that boasts a sleek design and elevates the digital experience of NewCold. The site is informational, easy to navigate, and communicates their commitment to creating sustainable value chains. 


NewCold’s zesty visual upgrade is future-ready and reflected in their new website to accurately display their brand transformation and various solutions ​​throughout the cold chain - from the factory to the distribution center. 


Brand strategy: strengthening a brand

With their 10th anniversary approaching, NewCold was ready for a brand refresh. We began with a brand assessment to refine their purpose, mission, and vision, solidify their values, and build a brand personality centered around their ambition to be the most innovative and people-oriented in the industry. The key was differentiating NewCold from the competition by highlighting their capabilities and positioning them as an innovation partner throughout the cold storage and logistics process. After establishing the tone of voice, we came up with the tagline, “Creating sustainable value chains,” which reinforces NewCold’s mission in a snappy and memorable way. 

Next up was an evaluation of their visual identity that was put into action with a workshop to understand how they envisioned their brand. NewCold wanted to preserve certain aspects of their previous brand, so we opted for a brand refresh.

The creative process: developing a distinctive brand experience

First things first, we simplified the logo and the NewCold name to create a more powerful brand that’s sure to make NewCold stand out. We opted for a sleek font with straight edges to spruce up their typography. Taking a step further, we refined their color palette and increased the contrast, maintaining the blue as an ode to the brand’s history. These changes formed the foundation of our brand guidelines, ensuring that no matter where in the world you see the NewCold brand, it always looks consistent and unmistakable.

Website strategy: changing the storage game

It was time to level up NewCold’s digital game to match their refreshed brand. We kicked off with a workshop called “The Lobby,” which proved to be an innovative way to visualize their ideal website design. We asked NewCold to describe what the brand’s waiting room would look like if they had one. Words like “big,” “comfortable,” “human-centric,” and “techy” were mentioned frequently and painted a picture of how NewCold envisioned their brand. These keywords were integrated into our proposal of their ideal website design. To depict NewCold as a disruptive leader in the industry, we researched their competitors’ websites, enabling us to design a bold, next-level website.

The creative process: crafting a cutting-edge website

To begin the process of creating a sleek, user-friendly, easy-to-navigate experience for visitors, we established a modern, polished look using the colors to effectively symbolize NewCold’s innovative side while still acknowledging its history. The company’s people-centric nature was highlighted with plenty of visuals of employees working on-site and discussing the brand’s values. The site works towards reinforcing NewCold’s commitment to exceptional customer service with possibilities to connect users to the right person straight from the platform.


NewCold’s website is built with Remix, a full stack web framework and the accompanying content management system (CMS) is Prismic, one of our go-to headless CMSes for content-heavy websites. Opting for a headless CMS with prismic is ideal due to its cloud based, fast and user-friendly nature allowing NewCold to enjoy greater flexibility in their front-end frameworks, while also streamlining their marketing efforts for greater efficiency. 

System Integrations

MapBox, Mailchimp, Hubspot

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  • Working with a brand with inspiring inter-team cohesion, dedication and commitment to being the best of the best. Stay tuned for what’s coming next!
  • Building a differentiated website that sets a new standard for brands in the cold storage industry
  • NewCold’s innovative nature enabled us to push our creative boundaries and build a distinctive brand that is miles ahead of its competitors 
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