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Partner - Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

PWAs are fast websites that provide an app-like experience. They can be installed and launched like any other native app. It uses the latest technology to make it work offline and allow users to download content manually.

What a PWA can do for your business

Full responsiveness and browser compatibility

Progressive web apps are built according to progressive enhancement principles. Progressive enhancement is the web design strategy of providing the basic functionality and content to everyone, regardless of the browser versions they use or internet connection quality. Delivering more sophisticated page versions to support newer browsers.

Discoverability and easy installation

While search engines classify progressive web apps as applications, they are not distributed via app stores. These apps can be shared through a URL instead, so they’re easily found. The installation is simple and entails visiting a site and adding it to a device home screen.

Push notifications

If progressive web apps are used as a part of a messaging strategy, push notifications can keep customers interested, motivating them to open and use an app more.

We have integrated progressive web applications for, and FWU Portal.

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Chief Technology Officer

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