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Partner - Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform provides a secure and stable hosting platform within the Google infrastructure. Global support through their CDN ensures fast load time of your website all over the world.

What Google Cloud Platform can do for your business

Fast and reliable hosting

Host on a fast and reliable network. Everybody wants to see a website that loads fast and does not crash. Give your customers the same experience you want when you visit a website. With Google Cloud Platform your site can handle sudden spikes in traffic without missing a beat.

Secured cloud service

Google Cloud Platform has a multilayered secured infrastructure, regular patches with no planned outages, and innovative technology like Global Load Balancing for protection against hackers and Denial of Service attacks. By protecting your own website, you also protect your customers.

Only pay for what you use

When you leave your web hosting IT management to us, you only pay for the resources you use (down to the second), which gives you more time to focus on growing your business.

Bill Marks
Chief Technology Officer

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